So…long time no write friends…

Seriously…its been awhile.

Things have been crazy the last several months. Between the end of school, going home to see my family, summer school starting, and my best friend’s wedding next week there has been a lot to do!

BUT…in all that I have found such sweet moments with the Lord. There are many verses in the Bible about seeking after the Lord such as…

Proverbs 8:17 “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.”

I can honestly say (being practically born in a church) that I have had periods of my life where I searched or sought harder than others. However, I really believe that although we may go through hilltop and valley moments in our walks with the Lord, He can truly give us an earnest desire to still seek after Him, and The BEAUTIFUL thing is that according to Proverbs 8:17 if we seek Him diligently we will find Him.

Anyway needless to say the last month or so I have definitely noticed that the Lord is wooing me…its not audibly, but more of a desire to seek out His word and study it…not just read it.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t say this to pat myself on my back, but to encourage others….ask and God will do it…but we have to ask. He wants it to be our choice.

So all this to say…the last several days I have been learning and studying the book of Ruth (which is one of my favorites).  But not only have I been reading the First 5 app for their daily devotion on Ruth, but using the Blue Letter Bible app as well to read study guides and commentaries on the book as well. IT HAS BLOWN MY MIND!!!

There is so much cultural and historical significance in this book of the Bible, and if we relegate ourselves to just reading the text in a 5 minute devotion we are going to miss the richness and beauty of this book and its place in the beautiful redemption of mankind by Jesus.  DISCLAIMER…IF ALL YOU CAN DO IS 5 MINUTES OF DEVOTIONS..DO IT!!! GOD WILL HONOR THAT!

So on to the book of Ruth. I read a study guide by David Guzik and commentaries by Matthew Henry on each chapter of Ruth and just filled the pages of my journal and to be honest I am still processing many of the things I read. But here are some of the nuggets that stood out to me and blessed me and I hope they will bless you as well.

  1. Ruth was not sitting around and bemoaning her fate being a childless widow in a foreign nation. She stood up and went to work gathering food for herself and Naomi.
  2. Even though Ruth was allowed by Levitical law to gather wheat among those working she did so with a humble and servant attitude. And because of that attitude she found something several things in Boaz’s field…not knowing yet that Boaz was her family’s kinsman redeemer. (companionship, protection, and refreshment)…hmmm…sounds a bit like what we find in our kinsman redeemer, Jesus.
  3. The role of a kinsman redeemer was to safeguard the persons, posterity, and property of the family.
  4. As kinsman redeemer Boaz could have forced himself onto Ruth because it was his right, but he didn’t. He waited until Ruth desired it…again what an amazingly accurate picture of Jesus as our kinsman redeemer.

There are many more things that I could share with you, but suffice to say my heart is so excited. I have heard before that Boaz is a embodiment of Jesus as our kinsman redeemer, but I didn’t know the cultural significance of a kinsman redeemer’s job, and knowing that makes the role of Jesus as my kinsman redeemer even more amazing, humbling, and beautiful.

More than ever I want to be a woman of character, virtue, and humility like Ruth…even Boaz and the neighborhood noticed! Check out chapters 2 and 3 of Ruth! More than ever I am determined to look at Jesus as my kinsman redeemer. More than ever I am convinced that the wait is worth it…settling will only lead to heartache. We don’t know how long Ruth waited…we don’t know how long Ruth gleaned in the fields. But we do know that once Ruth spoke up to Boaz, he did not way to make her his…what a beautiful picture of Jesus making us His. He does not tarry….as soon as I call out to Him I am His and He is mine.

This is a picture of a earthly marriage as well. Boaz was a man that had a good and virtuous character so therefore Ruth did not have a problem submitting. On the flip side Ruth was a woman of virtue, character, and respected Boaz  so he had no problem treating her with kindness and respect.

Like I said…I encourage you, search out the Lord…He is waiting for you. Search out commentaries, books, or study guides and the Bible (that is alive and active) will truly become that for you.

Have a blessed day!




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