Deal With Your Mess

So several weeks ago I was hosting my wing in my apartment for a movie night!! Lots of fun right?!?!? Yes, it was, but due to a busy week I did not get to come home and clean like i wanted so things ended up being thrown in the closet and on the other side of the bed.

my mess….
blog pic 1.jpg
my other mess

Anyway, as you can see its not the worst mess, BUT it is definitely a mess. As I woke up the next day and started to clean I felt like the Lord was trying to show/teach me something. Our lives may look beautiful, clean, pristine, and perfect from the outside BUT in reality waiting just around the corner or behind a closed door is a MESS that needs to be taken care of.

That got me to thinking…how many times do we put on a face to the outside world when inside we are hurting, holding onto baggage, or in addiction? We put on a brave face when inside we feel dirty, ashamed, guilty, out of control, and etc.

Well ladies one thing the Lord has taught me as I deal with my own, personal messes is that His grace is sufficient…His grace is sooooo sufficient! Does that mean I don’t have to do my part? Or make good, Godly choices? No…I still have to step forward into the unknown and trust God, and trust in His healing process.

I have to let go of the tightly held mess that I hold onto because it feels safe and normal and allow the Lord’s grace, healing power, and comforting presence to come through and permeate every area of my life. I am working on this process and I think we all need to work through the process. I was watching Elevation church’s Code Orange Revival and Christine Caine was speaking. She made a wonderful point. She said, “Unless you deal with your yesterday, TODAY…there will be no tomorrow!!!

Don’t wait, but deal with it TODAY!!! If we keep putting things off then we may put off God’s blessings and God’s voice in our lives. Its time we step into the fullness of the life that God has called us to. That doesn’t mean hard times and it certainly doesn’t mean pain, but it does mean that God will be right by my side as I stand on firm ground whole and healed! I am taking this to heart and asking God to continue to shine a light on those areas of my life that need to be fixed and healed. I encourage you to do the same.

Remember that your story may be the story someone else needs to hear someday!




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